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South Africa:

Young ladies train in Ballet in Soweto through The Joburg Ballet Development Programme

Photos by Madelene Cronje.

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This country is such a fucking joke. Did you know that if we were to divide the income in this country fairly it would be about 300,000 per person. That’s annually. You could give each person in this country 100,000 and still have enough to invest in infrastructure and research. Instead we have people who don’t have water, don’t have their basic human rights fulfilled, because they don’t have enough to pay a bill. 

Capitalism is inhumane.

This quite possibly the most ignorant post I’ve ever seen. When you’re just handed money, you know longer thrive to do anything. A person that works at Burger King should make the same amount as a doctor? Fuck no.

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Face Off

Capturing the first moments of their careers, Piczo shoots new faces, at home.

What makes one face a model and another not? Is it symmetry or feature proportion or electric eyes or far apart eyes or turned down lips – and do all of those things equal a model? Or none of them. Photographer Piczo has been finding and shooting new faces for i-D for a few years now, and recently compiled this collection, taken at his house. With zero styling and zero make up, you get the person before they’ve become the model, and it’s a beautiful phase, that won’t last long.

By i-D Online

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Kate Shaw 

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Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

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If I do a sit-up for every taco I eat will I be skinny

remember that one time i did this really cool edit last summer



Scarves by Shovava

Give it to me give it to me right now

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Creative kid. More creative mom.


I need some naked camping asap.

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"Blessed are the weird people - poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours - for they teach us to see the world through different eyes."

- Jacob Nordby (via alteringminds)

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